Monday, August 8, 2011

I wanna write something but I have no subject, so I'll embed a bunch of youtube videos. Again.

It has come to my attention that I don't have the same musical repertoire as everyone else, so allow me to enlighten you with some big names, small names, and all around eargasmic material.

p.s. should I turn this into a weekly thing? I'm probably to irresponsible for a blogging schedule, but I could pretend I'll do it... My musical taste changes every week, so it'd be a perfect mixture of goods and services week to week. I shall provide this week's preferential treatments below.

Since I'm now an ATX resident it is my duty to begin today's Musical Monday with Austinites.

T H E     L O C A L S

"Be Yer Fool" - The Happen-Ins

"Does she get mad? Oh no, she explodes."

My local favorite. I've been here 11 days and I already have a local favorite! The Happen-Ins came to my attention via my favorite Austin blogger Tolly over at Austin Eavesdropper. (p.s. how adorable is ms Tolly? Damn adorable, that's how damn adorable.) I haven't actually seen these guys play live yet, seeing as they're currently on tour (playing in Tennessee, last I checked). Ever heard of them? Yeah I didn't think so. Check their full album over on their MySpace. Download all their glorious shieeeeeeeeeeeet over there too.

"97 Reasons"  - Uncle Lucius

"On the road is where I'm going, on the road is where I'll be found."

Threadgills is the first place I saw a live show in Ausitn, and boy was it spectacular. You can order godly delicious food inside, and bring it out to eat whilst watching some great bands have a grand ol' time on stage. Their main dishes come with "vegetables" which is just a euphemism for a side, unless you count Mac & Cheese as a vegetable. I digress. Uncle Lucious had a great vibe going on. They apparently knew everyone in the joint, or pretended to, at least. Some of their songs lasted an excruciating eternity, but aside from that, they're golden. They have a myspace, too.

"It's About Me" - Slowtrain

"It's about me, it's about me, it's about me. It's all about me."

Please Please go to their website and listen to "Bound to Find You Out" because it's glorious and I'm in love with it but I'm too lazy to embed it. I also saw these guys at Threadgills. They opened for Uncle Licious, and also appeared to know everyone there. They've got some great lyrics in each and every one of their songs. They seem to be an Austin staple, according to my AirBnB host (who was also the guy that suggested we go to Threadgills in the first place. Thanks dude!).

O T H E R        D U D E S

"Countdown" The Black Keys

"You done stole my heart but you can't take my mind."

Would my list be complete without a Black Keys song? Absolutely not, is how that question would be answered. I just can't seem to shake these guys out of my earbuds. I get tired of one song, and accidentally find another treat upon each push of the "next" button. I dance in my underwear to this song.

"Kiss with a Fist" Florence + The Machine

"You hit me once, I hit you back. You gave a kick, I gave a slap. You smashed a plate over my head, then I set fire to our bed."

How can a gal be so damn adorable while so extremely violent? Not to mention the adorableness of this entire music video. She's so cute! If you haven't heard of her already, get out from under that rock and join us.

"Toothbrush and My Table" Grace Potter & the Nocturnals

"I don't care which way you think the story might have went. I've already recollected all the love I wish I had not spent."

Grace Potter is way too cute. I love this whole song. I can feel the emotions she must have had whilst writing it. I guess you can't really tell here, but if you watch Paris (Oh La La) (which is my favorite song) you'll see her perfect fashion sense. I want her wardrobe. I guess I'd have to get her body first, though. And long blonde hair. Hmmmm.

"Behind the Moon" Matt Costa

"All the stars point me to you and lately they just drive me crazy."

I don't remember who introduced me to Matt Costa's songs, but I'm sure glad they did. (Nate, was that you?) All of his songs are perfection. This song is intoxicating, through and through.

There ya have it, folks. I'm beat.
Here's all the songs in one nifty playlist:

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