Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Email Coupons

It's the age of coupons.

I just sent my mother an email listing my favorite email coupon services, so I guess I should do the same here. Obviously I favor those catering to SF and Austin, so if you're in or frequent either or both, you're in luck! All (except scoutmob) are the kind of coupons that are actually vouchers. You buy them online, and redeem wherever they are.

First off, I must mention DailyDibs because I just found them tonight and am pretty darn stoked about it. They go through most of the sites I'll list below and show the daily deals all in one place! So if you don't want to get all these straight to your email, you can select your city from the drop down (pretty sure they've got everywhere) and see the list.

Scoutmob is my absolute favorite. They have iphone and android apps, and unlike the others I shall list, you don't buy a voucher; you present the coupon to the cashier and they give you that % off your purchase. Just like a coupon should be, right?

They currently have deals for San Francisco, Austin, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, LA, Denver, Dallas, Nashville, Atlanta, DC, NYC, and Boston
They're supposedly adding San Diego, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Houston, Philadelphia, Miami, and Charlotte soon.

This guy is the big one, I guess. Everyone knows about it, so why don't you? Where have you been? They, too, have iphone and android apps. Dig it. They are everywhere. Almost all major cities around the globe. Go get it.

No, I don't mean the game that was on MySpace and Facebook where you vote for which of your friends is the biggest nerd, or whatever it was. This guy has lots of fun things, like rock climbing and burlesque classes. They're also in most major cities in the US, and also in Canada (where I'm not allowed to go, but that's a whole other story). Go climb some rocks!

I got a nifty teeth whitening kit for $20 on here, but I haven't used it yet. And I left it in SF. Figures. They're all over: Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, IndianapolisJacksonville, Kansas City, Las Vegas, LA, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Nashville, NYC, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Sacramento, Saint Louis, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Tampa, and DC

I have forgotten my password for this site and had to reset it 3 times now. I always use the same password though, so I'm not sure how this happened. Curious. Anyway, I'm not going to link to 62 goddamn cities (some of those being in Canada), so go find yourown.

SF Station (SF)
Obviously this is only relevant to those in SF. They have a lot of VIP table services, contests for VIP tickets to concerts, and speed dating vouchers. OH LOOK- that's what they have up on their site tonight. Go figure.

Again, only relevant to those in SF. You don't have to ride BART to get deals from them. They have some pretty rad contests every week (usually 3 contests at a time, and you can enter all 3 once a week), as well as suggestions for free things to do around the city, and coupons (not vouchers, coupons) redeemable at places near BART stations.

Localiter (Austin)
I just started getting emails from these guys, and haven't gone for any of their deals yet. They're only in Austin for now, and coming soon to Boca Raton, Waco, Melbourne (FL), Charleston, Bellingham (WA), Port St. Lucie, and Fayetteville. Did someone working there get a map of the US and randomly point to a few cities and say "Yes, let's do that one"?

I also haven't used this one yet, but got it once I moved to Austin. They're only in Atlanta, Austin, Dayton, Reno, Seattle, Tampa, Tulsa, and West Palm Beach. Coming soon to Jacksonville, and San Antonio. I feel like the same person that made location decisions for Localiter decided for DealSwarm...

Pinchit (SF)
This one is only available in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Maui, but their facebook page is only for SF, and they also appear to have a deal at Shasta, Costa Rica, and India... They have this comment feature where you tell them your favorite spots, and they go get deals for you. I'm skeptical as to their success rate, but intrigued. Too bad I don't live in SF anymore. Someone else should try it and tell me if they come through.

I haven't personally used or signed up for these others, but I'll throw 'em out there anyway because they seem to be legit:

KGB Deals
Atlanta, Atlantic City, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dalas/Fort WorthDenver, Houston, LA, Minneapolis, NYC, Orange County, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, San Antonio, San Diego, SF, Seattle, St. LouisDC

They serve 58 cities, so chances are pretty good that they've got you if you're in a major city in the US.

Atlanta, Austin, Baton Rouge, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Honolulu, LA, NYC, Philadelphia, Portland, San Diego, SF, Seattle, DC

Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas, LA, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, NYC, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland (OR), Portland (ME), Providence, San Diego, SF, San Jose, Seattle, DC, Worcester

They've got 57 cities, but not Burlington (yet). I say this because it's the only city under their "coming soon" tab.

I guess they have badges? The whole reason I use Foursquare is for the badges! They don't have a list of what cities they're available in, so type in your zip code and see what's up. Gogogogo!

TravelZoo Local Deals
Available basically everywhere.

I'm SURE there are probably others, but seeing as it's currently 2am I should probably get off this light box.


  1. Dealster dos not have a City list because they are able to get you the deal to your ZIP area. The main deal that you see it might not be the same deal that another costumer will see as a main deal in another ZIP area. The main deal is the one closest to you because Dealster system reads your ZIP Code.

  2. I started using Dealster, and so far haven't gotten any deals in my zipcode. Regardless, it's pretty neat.