Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Transportation vs. Adventure

Golden Gate Transit sucks, and boy do they suck hard. Today I missed my ferry because it left 10 minutes EARLY. Oh, and I wasn't the only one! No, two other people ran toward the premature gate closure to find the ramp already lifted and our only hope for getting to work on time leaving us behind.
See ya later alligator!
The entire city of San Francisco is aware of how hard MUNI sucks. There are entire blogs written about it (Muni Diaries, Bay Area Transit (SF Gate), Fog City Notes, M Ocean View Journal, Rescue Muni, to name a few). I've written about several accounts I've had on MUNI, GGT and Amtrak via various internet avenues and shall share with you my favorite tweets (of mine, of course. Did you forget I'm narcissistic?)

You may or may not remember when I wrote about the time my Clipper card got stolen and charged $35. That sucked. I've also written about the 8BX driver that sang Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" (also published by MuniDiaries). That rocked. There was also that time my 8X turned into a 9L. That was annoying.

In all honesty, I'm going to miss riding Bay Area public transportation. The drunks on the 22 and 14, crackheads on the T-line, father/mother-time looking asian people on the 8x, the severely obese man on the 67... I've had quite the multitude of adventures riding SF busses.

There is one thing (probably more than one) that is allowing me to run to Austin with wide open arms and a heart full of excitement: free (!!!) bus fare. Austin Community College and UT Austin students ride the buses for free. TAKE THAT, SAN FRANCISCO! Plus it's considerably flatter than SF, allowing me more bicycle usage.

Though, in all likelihood, I'll end up getting a car. It is Texas, after all.

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