Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Obama Loves Bieber, but From Afar

pic from Mediaite

Let's say your favorite celebrity is Justin Bieber (Stick with me). Let's say you wrote a letter to Bieber, and never got a response. What would be your second move? Write a letter to the president of the United States asking him to make Bieber respond? That's what 14 year old Payton Wall did!
Payton Wall, 14, whose dad died in the 2001 attack on New York's World Trade Center, originally wrote a letter to the "Baby" hitmaker asking to meet him, and when she received no response, she called on President Obama in a bid to make her dream come true. (via SF Gate) 
So Obama met Payton at Ground Zero (Bieber-less). Is the site of her father's death really the best place BO could come up with to meet the 14-year-old? He made-up for her traumatizing childhood by promising to arrange the meeting with Bieber.

I imagine the conversation went something like this-
Obama: Yo Biebz, I got a gal for you.
Bieber: A gal, OB? Just 'cause I look like a lesbian doesn't mean I am one.
Obama: Meet the bitch and I'll give you a dollar.
Bieber: Yeah ok.
However the conversation went, it worked out for Payton Wall. Obama arranged the meeting, which occurred this weekend. OB was absent.

YO OBAMA! I wanna meet Edward Norton. Help a sista out? I don't know anyone that died on 9/11, but I did make up a song about it the day after it happened, if that helps.
Terrorists, terrorists you killed our people.
Terrorists, terrorists you slayed.
Twin towers, twin towers how could you fall down
Down into the empty grave.

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