Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Carnaval 2011: Beautiful Women & Bored Children

I was dazzled by this year's Carnaval parade. Last year was a'ight, but this year was spectacular: sparkly tits, jungle-themed floats, and dogs with broken tongues.
There was a noticeable change this year, though, in the children on the floats. Maybe I just didn't take notice last year, but they seemed to be super bored. Is desensitization to blame, or was I like this at that age? (click to enlarge)

Despite the young downers, I declare a Carnaval success.

at least there was 1 little girl getting her groove on.


  1. I was in Carnaval when I was a lil kid!!! I wasn't bored...I was super tired, they make you go so fricken far my gosh!

  2. Well yeah, I could see it getting tiring after a while.. but I was shooting at Folsom & 24th St.; which is what, 4 blocks in? Parade was just getting started!