Thursday, June 23, 2011

Alice @ 97.3 hate gays.

This weekend is going to be fairly epic.
My own personal Nebraskan is flying in for an appearance.
I'll be wearing hardly any clothing,
The entire city of San Francisco will liquored up...


Y'all remember last year

Here's a shocker: I'm not 21 WHAT WHAT! Who knew? Yeah ok everyone knew.
Since I cannot attend all the official Pride festivities (aside from the main event) I will not tell you about them. What I will tell you is where my Nebraskan and I will be on Friday: The Mission; and where my Nebraskan, our Mama and I will be on Saturday night: The Mission & Castro; and where my Nebraskan, our Mama, and thousands of gays will be on Sunday: Civic Center.

Know where gays won't be on Saturday?
Really though, does this not sound like an ounce of fun?
Matt Nathanson, OneRepublic, Michelle Branch, Parachute & Andrew Allen are going to be on stage for a free show this Sunday from noon-4 in Golden Gate Park.
Riddle me this, Sarah & Vinny, why is it that Alice @97.3 puts on a decent sounding show every year the same day as Pride? Are there not enough weekends in the summer for you to choose from that you have to exclude the out and proud? Something smells fishy, and it's not my pants.

UPDATE 10:22am 
Who the fuck is Sandra Bernhard and why is she headlining Pride this year?
What happened to the days of Gaga and Backstreet Boys?
Why aren't Matt Nathanson, OneRepublic, Michelle Branch, Parachute, and Andrew Allen playing at Pride? I mean, since they're already in SF and everything... Wouldn't that make more sense?

This whole situation is bugging me.

UPDATE 10:27am
Have you heard of anyone from the lineup at Pride? Cause I haven't.

11:05-11:50DJ Paul Goodyear
12:20Brenda Reed
12:30Grand Marshals
12:50Tales of the City
1:00Mark Leno & Trevor Project
1:05Bishop Flunder & the City of Refuge Choir
1:25Butch County
1:40Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers
1:55Foxee and Liam
2:00Derrick Barry
2:15Stiletto Ghetto
2:30Kat Graham
2:45Cheer SF
3:25Linda Perry/Deep Dark Robot
3:50Jessica 6
4:10Big Freedia
4:45Wendy Ho
4:55Sandra Bernhard
5:30Taxi Doll
6:00Sister Crayon

UPDATE 11:23am
Michelle Branch's new single kinda sucks.

UPDATE 11:43am
I stopped caring about anybody but OneRepublic. Thank goodness they're playing last (3:45ish). I think I can have it all: Pride Parade, Pride Festival, AND OneRepublic! Sweet.


  1. You should look up Sandra if you don't know of her.
    She's pretty epic.

  2. I missed her at Pride. Also missed OneRepublic. I honestly forgot there was any kind of entertainment passed the S&M tent and streets full of gays.