Saturday, April 2, 2011

Southwest Airlines- Still worth the cheap fare? is on top of their shit

Today I was reading SFAppeal when I came across something a tad surprising. Mind you, I am living under a rock. This is a proven fact. Researched and concluded by myself, because I do not keep up with the news. At. All. I don't have TV, I don't read news papers, I only skim news sites every so often, so forgive me for finding this shit a day after it actually happened:
Airline management announced this morning the grounding of 79 Boeing 737 aircrafts after a 3-foot hole ripped in the top of a plane carrying 118 passengers toward Sacramento from Phoenix, Arizona at about 3:25 p.m. Friday.

A hole. A 3-foot HOLE. Excuse me?
The plane landed a short time later in Yuma. A flight attendant and at least one passenger suffered minor injuries in the commotion, and they were treated and released once on the ground. No one was taken to a hospital, officials said

Ok so it's not a LOST type of emergency, but easily could have been. Southwest is taking the appropriate measures to repair the damage, and to ground all planes of the similar make and/or age to thoroughly inspect them. This caused major cancelations yesterday and today, as well as major flight delays, and we will probably continue to see delays in Southwest scheduled flights as the week progresses.

Read what I read at SFAppeal, as well as any other fucking news source, including where I got the above picture amongst great detail about the flight and aftermath. Southwest probably also deserves a peak.

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