Sunday, January 30, 2011

Geocaching Cont.

Yesterday we did it!

We set upon our route and found our pot(s) of gold!

Our journey began just paces from my Auburn abode, near a train track. Our excitement level was higher than ever as we searched the grounds and trees for our treasure. Ian searched, Kaelin searched, I searched - and I found the first cache. Inside was a car wash coin, bracelet, a butterfly eraser, and a purple pen snuggie. We took the coin, replaced it with a treasure of our own, and signed the log book.

Our journey continued for 5 straight hours of searching and finding or not finding. Out of 13 caches, we found 5. It was quite possibly the best sober night of my life! We were on a real treasure hunt! It was great seeing how recent some of the logs were in the log books. Some found the cache a day before us. We took some things, left some things, and signed "Tres Scumbrerros" on each (Cuatro Scumbrerros when we were joined by Cole for our second to last cache). The first two were found before dusk, though the rest were searched out in the darkness of a foggy night. This is absolutely an activity best done with natural light.

This activity is now my hobby. I, Andrea, have a hobby! Do I collect stamps? NO! Do I build model air planes? NO! Do I go on treasure hunts wherever I go? YES! Thank you Uncle Kevin for my flash light!

Love, Drea

Update: Today we found 7/9 caches in Auburn. We have so much more to explore! I ended up buying myself a GPS specifically made for Geocaching from Target for 69.99 afterward. Apparently the closest cache to my house in SF is 2100'.

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