Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sally McVey

Sally is modest and honest,
and fondest of August and May.

She lives with her mother and brother,
whom love her and hug her each day.

But whos to say a girl most jolly and gay
would never display dismay?

An expose* of Sally McVey may make you pray
for the old and grey US of A.

Though money was low it's funny to know
that Sally never lived slow.

She studied hard and kept good rank,
starred in plays, got a piggy bank.

It's time for college and she knows which one
will tickel her fancy and promise her fun!

But oh no! What's this? Financial aid has proven amis!
How can this be? She's got the grades, poise and plea,
maybe it was that C she got in Chemestry...

Loans, loans and more loans swallow her whole
now the bank owns her bones and holds her soul.

Graduation rolls around, a bittersweet noun
for the financial drown marks a frown amongst the applauding sound.

"Now what?" Sally asks her mother.
"Get out of this rut!" Her mother did utter.

A job interview provides a chance to start anew.
So she hopped on her bike, rode the turnpike
and bid her mother adieu.

A beautiful day to ride a bike,
a terrible day on the turnpike.

A car swerves a corner quite blind
and strikes poor Sally behind!
As she flies through the air, she says a quick prayer
as she feared her limbs would soon entwine.

The driver in fear keeps in gear
as he mutters a quick "I'm outta here!"
The car speeds faster far from disaster,
and on the horizon he did disappear.

Writhing in pain sally explained to the voice at 911
"I've been hit, and my knee is split
please hurry my arm's undone!"

The doctor was in and checked her skin for cuts, bruises and breaks
"My arm is missing, a leg dismissing, and my spine aches and quakes."

Sally recieved no assurance
as she remembered insurance
and the fact that she had none.
This would test her endurance
in the constant reoccurance
that matters of money had done.

Sally went home broken, outspoken, dismayed;
she left unspoken as a token of jade.

Deeper and deeper her rut had dug
Her mother would keep her till the reaper unplug.

Then one day, Sally McVey was on her way to pray,
untill a delay in her dismay brought her lips to say:

"Today is the day that my decay will allay and stray
for my fear is conquored and pain is doctored;
Today I find my way."
Through the bathroom door you may find
Sally's head from behind,
in the bathtub where she ley
a greusome and horrid display.

Sally McVey died today by way of cutting her veins;
in the dark she will stay, though her story remains.

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