Thursday, January 13, 2011

Oh My Science

Who the fuck reads the Miami Herald? I get my news from Facebook! Just about.. oh.. 2 minutes ago I found this gem posted by a friend:
Forget this whole changing of the alignment of the stars. I am such a Sagittarius, in no wayyyyy am I trying to be this new Ophiuchus sign. Just because the planets have changed doesn't mean i'm a whateverthefuck this new sign is, BOO! My birthday is the exact day in the middle of the sign too. Dammit astrology, you craaaazy.

I was like whaaaaaaaatchu talkin' 'bout Lisha? And so I googled the term "Astrology" and the Miami Herald informed me that *scientists* had it wrong; there's an extra astrological sign to add to the mix: Ofichoos... Opixtus... Ophiuchus. (It's greek for serpent-bearer)... ahem. What. The. Fuck?
Leading astrologers, after getting their collective bearings, were unified and defiant in their response: Not this time, Science.

Yeah, ok. I'll accept it. I'll also accept that I am no longer a pisces. Aquarius? What? So when I sing "Age of Aquarius" in the shower it'll be appropriate almost? Ef yeah! Sure, why not! I don't believe in this bullshit, anyway. This is just proof that it's always been bullshit. So stop?

I am a bit bummed that my mom is now Cancer. Cancer? Offended! My mother is no Cancer! I mean, really... does she not look like a lion???

Moral of the story:

I really don't give a shit.

Update: LOOK at this guy! Are you born between Nov 29 and Nov 17? Haha

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