Sunday, February 6, 2011

I stalk customers on street view

I have a new hobby (second to Geocaching, of course) and that is Google Street View. My coworker gave me a trick where you zoom out as far as you can on the whole world, pick up the little street view guy, and drop him in a random spot and see where you end up. It's taken form since then to a guessing game because sometimes I'll end up in the middle of nowhere without any recognizable landmarks or landscape and it doesn't tell you where you are until you zoom out. Yeah, that's right, I get that bored at work sometimes. I also like to explore my city and the city in which I am moving to (official announcement to come at a later date), especially the rich areas with awesome houses.

Friends, Colleges, Family... I am turning into my mother. While watching movies and TV shows, I notice the closet pulls, painted cabinets, and customized refrigerators. I have taken an interest in luxury architecture over household gadgetry. What is happening to me? I have *ahem* taste now. [though still don't have that ol sense of smell, sigh]

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