Sunday, October 16, 2011

Transitioning from Wordpress to Blogger back to Wordpress is like using translation sites

I'm on Wordpress now.
I will not be posting here anymore.

Getting there was like trying to translate English to another language, and then back to english:

When I switched to Blogger from Wordpress, the transition was not smooth. The captions on all the pictures were fucked up, among other things, but that was the most annoying thing to fix.

I just began the process of switching back to Wordpress, and I'm finding all the youtube links have disappeared, and images have shrunk.

I fixed most of it, but gave up on the rest and added links back to the original posts over here on Blogger.

The translations above entertained me so much, that I thought I'd try it using a ridiculous amount of language translations. Check it:

Anyway, check out my nifty new Wordpress blog (with an awesome new banner)

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