Monday, October 3, 2011

Music Monday round 2

What a treat! I'm doing 2 Music Mondays on one Monday! (so long as I finish this one before midnight, otherwise it's irrelevant)

Tonight @ Mohawk - Viva Voce, Gang Gang Dance, and... others.

I decided to go to Mohawk after class today to see Viva Voce because they're wonderful.
Get a load of this:

Are they not wonderful? I think they're wonderful. Like I said earlier today, you can tell a great band from a good band (or a shitty one, for that matter) from how they sound live. Viva Voce sounds even better live, so I dub them great.

Before these lovelies came on, I heard a band that I wouldn't normally consider listening to. I had never heard of them before. Have you heard of Gang Gang Dance? They're an interesting mix between ethnic sounds of India and China with alternative and electronica. IT'S AMAZING. The bass made my whole body vibrate (that's what she said). There is a problem though, if you look them up on youtube, all their songs suck! Live, the vocals are glorious and haunting, but the recorded tracks just seem spastic and incomplete.

This is the best track I could find:

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