Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Movie Monday (on a Wednesday)(Deux)

This theme of losing internet at home every other week is not really to my liking. I've been snatching internet from Rio's down the street, where I'm becoming something of a piece of furniture there: constantly doing homework on my laptop. I'm currently at Austin Java, between classes.

This week's Music Monday has been amended to a Movie Monday (including some music), because I have dedicated it to Disney Channel. You remember, those movies you love to hate and hate to love (but you know you love them). If you're my age, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If younger, you probably missed it all-together. If older, this would be the equivalent to that of Miley Cyrus and Justin Beiber to my generation: annoying as all hell.

Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century
"Supernova Girl (Zoom Zoom Zoom)" Protozoa

I'm now realizing how awful these lyrics are. The movie was pretty stellar though! I haven't seen it in years, so forgive me if I'm fuzzy on the details: Zenon is kicked off the space station (space stay, I think they called it) because she was getting in the way of some master plot to take it down (is that right?). She goes to stay with her aunt on Earth, where she's unaware of the customs and fashions of earthlings (I think they had a name for people that live on earth, other than earthlings). From Earth, she has to save the Space Stay from destruction. Her only hope is her favorite Pop star, who is leaving for a concert on the Space Stay (a concert in which Zenon won an on-stage dance with the pop singer in some contest). Raven Symone is in it!

"Top of the World" The Juliana Theory

Well first of all, this movie follows a girl named Andrea,  so how could I not like it? Obviously it's going to be the best Disney Channel movie ever. I even allowed people to start calling me Andy after this. The dude Andrea's got the hots for is pretty damn hot. Andreas have good tastes. I still don't get how she got away with pretending to be her brother. I mean, nobody caught on. How does that work? Oh, Disney.

Lindsay Lohan & Tyra Banks!

A barbie (obviously Tyra) comes to life when a girl (Lohan) wishes(?) for it to happen. I think that's how it went down. Look how cute and innocent Lindsay was! I always forget she was one of those Disney girls.

Smart House
"Slam Dunk (Da Funk)" Five

How old are these kids? 13? And they're having a house party? With a guest list? My parents didn't let me go anywhere when I was 13 without speaking with a parent. I suppose the Smart House lady could have talked with all the parents... She was a devious scoundrel, after all. In case you're completely in the dark about this glorious film, it's about a house that is inherently smart. She can make the walls change, make nutritious breakfasts, catch the morning paper and bring it in, etc. Eventually, I think the house took the family hostage and I don't remember exactly why. If you watch Pretty Little Liars (among many of my guilty pleasures), that kid is Ian. I swear he was in almost every disney channel movie ever made.

Johnny Tsunami
go big or go home.

There was a solid period of time when I thought this was how all Hawaiians talked. I was also under the impression that skiiers were uncool, and I decided then and there that I wanted to learn to snowboard. Yes, folks, I hopped on a board because of Johnny Tsunami. I wanted to be an urchin (that is what the snowboarders were named, right?). P.S. Is that not the chick from Zenon???

Honorable Mentions

Rip Girls
The opposite of Johnny Tsunami

Stepsister from Planet Weird

Phantom of the Megaplex
Tonight @ 8/7c, on Disney Channel!

The Luck of the Irish
Kid from Smart House (and Pretty Little Liars)

Double Teamed
that name sounds wrong.

Cadet Kelly

Get a Clue
Lindsay Lohan is a detective!

Cheetah Girls
Didn't they turn into a real group after this? Isn't that the chick from 3LW?

I love the chick in this.

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