Sunday, September 25, 2011

I meant this to be an honest comparison of ATX & SF, but I ended up homesick.

I am about to explore Austin and San Francisco through my twitter feed, because obviously my twitter is the BEST source for this comparison.

When I first got here in Austin, I was so excited about living in a place that could quite possibly be weirder than SF. I found several similarities between the two. In fact, I’ve found constant truths between the two:

Yeah, they’re constantly everywhere. Everywhere.

I’m fairly certain that the Pacific in NorCal is the same temperature as Barton Springs.

People say amazing things everywhere.

There is an abundance of food carts in both ATX and SF.

This happened in SF, and is a regular occurrence in ATX.

People everywhere have melding body-parts and make terrible fashion decisions.

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And similarities with slight differences

Those do happen there.
Those don’t happen here.
These do happen here.

You still see famous people here, and people that look like famous people.

In SF you get under garments

In ATX, you get hair weaves.

In SF the stalls are too short.
In ATX the stalls are tall enough, but you lose paper cover privileges.

In SF, we had wind. Lots of wind. I didn’t think that would happen in ATX, but GUESS WHAT, it’s windy. Know what else?
At least we finally got rain... for a minute or two.

In SF, we smoke American Spirits. For the most part. I guess it could be around the same ratio. Except seriously, I’ve seen way too many people smoking Crushes. Ugh gross.

Even with all the fascinating similarities above, so far I have found no evidence of a quirkiness to beat my dear Frisco. These are two very different places, and from now on, I intend to keep the two separate in my mind. I’ve grown to love both, almost equally, for very different reasons.


Some may think this is a good thing. Not I!

In SF you get grunts and half-words.
In ATX, you get blessed.

People bring their babies to rock concerts and stand close to the giant speakers. Obviously this particular kid loved it...

I guess people are ignorant everywhere, but I had never heard something as absurd as this. Bill Gates didn’t graduate from college, so I guess he shouldn’t have the right to vote, right?

There is a restaurant in existence by the name of Juan in a Million. *Drop mic, exit stage*

I never saw these in CA! It’s exciting! and gross!

The live music in this city is phenomenal. The local bands give me eargasms.
Yeah, they probably played in SF too, but concerts like this are a normal thing here.

I got carded at Walmart!

Of course there are things that I absolutely miss about San Francisco. I miss a ton of things. A ton.

I miss being able to hop on a train in SF to a train in Richmond and see my little sisters 3 hours later. It’s about a 3 hour trip by air, but something like 10x the price.

I miss the quirks of Bolinas.

I miss how accustomed we are in SF to how prevalent marijuana is in society. People freak out (angrily) if they so much as smell something resembling marijuana here.

I miss the ferry.

This was a slightly normal statement.

This used to be a regular occurrence.

I have never seen something so odd as this.

I have no idea what a 20 year old is to do in ATX.

I miss the Valentines Day pillow fight.

Haven’t seen a riot in ATX yet, especially not like the ones in Oakland. 

I miss my dog’s abuse toward me.

Oh, but I do!

well, that still happens.
that doesn’t.
neither does that. 
or that.
or that.
Muni can't beat Chicago, CapMetro can't beat Muni, and...
GGT is by far the worst I've come by.

So there you have it. I’m homesick, but I do love it here. It took me a while to get used to SF, and it’ll take me a while longer to get used to ATX (what, with the lack of a big sister security blanket. Or friends, for that matter). I’ve been feeling extremely lonely, and I feel a depression coming on, but I’m getting through it. I’m keeping my head up. I’m working. I’m doing well in school. It’ll all be OK.

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