Monday, March 7, 2011

Berry & Nana

2 perspectives when talking for an extended period of time: the talker, and the impatient listener. Ever have that feeling where you're listening to somebody talk on and on and on and the only thing you can think about is something slightly related that you want to bring up, but you can't get a word in? Happens to me all the time. I frequently end up on the other end of this spectrum as well: the talker. Whatever it is I'm talking about is just so extremely interesting, and I'm aware of this, so I have to keep going. Obviously everyone cares tremendously about whatever it is I'm talking about. Only thing worse than waiting for someone to break for a breath to get a word in, is being the person that's waited on to stop talking. Eventually the impatient listener is going to interrupt with their own story, and when that moment arrives, how awkward and disappointing does that feel? Very much so, I must say.

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